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Commercial Radon Systems and Mitigation

Commercial Site Radon Mitigation

Radon exposure in the workplace can cause significant risks to employee’s long term health

Government agencies, such as OSHA and HUD, are focusing on new regulations to protect the well-being of workers in the workplace.

Large warehouses, multi-family buildings and office buildings can accumulate a large amount of radon and workers may be exposed to extreme amounts of cancer causing radon on a daily basis

It is important for any business to regularly check radon levels and if necessary install a commercial radon mitigation system. We custom design each mitigation system to the layout of the building. Give us a call to schedule an on-site estimate!

Protect Your Employees

If your business registers high levels of radon, Radon Pros will install a commercial radon mitigation system as quickly as possible so that employees can continue to work in a safer environment by reducing the cancer causing radon gas. We will work with you as needed if your business continues to operate while a mitigation system is being installed.

It is also recommended to have mitigation systems installed with any new building construction.